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  • What rights does our publishing contract cover?
    We ask for World English rights for all commercial formats, including ebook, print, and audio.
  • Will I have to pay to have my book published with you?
    No. We cover the costs of branding and marketing, and we only make a profit if you do too.
  • How can I contact you for something other than submitting a manuscript?
    We are always happy to hear from authors or readers and are open to collaborations. You can contact our editorial director by email at
  • How do I submit my manuscript?
    You can fill out the information in our online Submissions Form and attach your manuscript in Word of pdf format. We will get back to you once we’ve read and evaluated the work.
  • Do you accept genres other than historical fiction?
    At present, we accept only submissions of full-length historical fiction books. But be sure to check back in with us in the future.
  • Do you accept only agented submissions?
    On the contrary, we welcome any and all submissions by independent authors or agents.
  • Are there any factors that make authors or books stand out to you?
    We prefer authors with more than one book which we can brand as a series but are open to single manuscripts as well. We look for unique stories and relatable characters and find it hard to resist enthusiastic, passionate voices.
  • Can I submit a book that has already been published?
    Yes, we are open to reviewing manuscripts that have been previously independently or traditionally published.
  • Do you do cover design?
    Yes, we have a specialized in-house team of talented cover designers, as we know that people do judge books by their covers. Even if your book has already been published with a cover, we will reevaluate its marketability and adapt it so it best fits the market.
  • How often do you pay royalties?
    We pay our authors royalties once every quarter.
  • Do you represent foreign rights?
    Yes, ReadMore has a foreign rights division that pursues worldwide translation and distribution rights, as well as film and TV opportunities.

All the answers in one place.

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