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Deb Stratas

Deb Stratas is a creator, writer, and historian. Her books focus on powerful women in extraordinary circumstances, and she loves transporting her readers to other times and places.

Deb lives in Toronto, Canada, and enjoys spending time with her amazing kids, their spouses, and her two delightful grandchildren.

Adiva Geffen

Adiva is the author of two bestselling WWII novels, Surviving the Forest and My Daughter’s Keeper. Her compelling characters and captivating scenes are rich with suspense, passion, and emotion. She has signed rights deals with Penguin Random House UK.

Leah Moyes

Leah Moyes is a wife and a mother, a former teacher, and a coach with a background in Anthropology and History. Her captivating historical fiction books feature strong female protagonists and heartwarming love stories set in 20th-century Europe.

 Julie Tulba

It was series like Dear America, Little House on the Prairie, and American Girl books that instilled in Julie at a young age her lifelong love and fascination with history. She lives in the Pittsburgh area, passport always at the ready for her next international adventure, but also brainstorming ideas for her next novel. 

Malka Adler

Malka’s sensational WWII novel, The Brothers of Auschwitz, has dominated Amazon’s bestseller lists for years and has been translated into no fewer than seven languages. Another of her books, The Polish Girl, was acquired by HarperCollins Publishers.

Limor Regev

Limor Regev brings historical stories to life with a passionate and skillful voice. Her book, The Boy From Block 66, is loved by thousands of readers.

Amira Keidar

Amira’s talents are manifold. A television producer, news investigator, flight attendant, and marketing manager, she now directs her skills to writing moving historical fiction. Her bestselling novel, Lalechka, has been translated into six languages.

Orly Krauss-Winer

Orly’s love of reading and writing dates back to her childhood. Today, she is the bestselling author of numerous novels, including The Name on the List, an unbelievable story based on truth.

Yaron Reshef

Yaron’s two historical fiction novels, Underneath a Changing Sky and Out of the Shoebox have been enthusiastically received and garnered many positive reviews. His background as a genealogist researcher lends real depth and skill to his storytelling.

Ravit Raufman

In The Lost Girl from Belzec, author Ravit Raufman unravels the heartbreaking true story of a little girl caught in the horrors of World War II, and the woman she would eventually grow to become.

Tzvia Golan

Tzvia is a prolific author and longtime special needs educator. A creative writing instructor herself, she published The Berlin Girl’s Diary to unprecedented success.

Yoseph Komem

Yoseph and his family survived through World War II under false identities, relying on luck and the goodness of strangers. In Courage & Grace, he tells his own story and that of his brother, as two children who were faced with the harshest of realities.

Shmuel David

Though in profession a computer software developer, Shmuel David is a writer at heart. In his novels, Escaping on the Danube River and The Commandant’s Dog, he adeptly retells incredible stories taken straight from between the pages of history.

Dafna Vitale Ben Bassat

Dafna is a successful businesswoman and loving mother with a passion for storytelling. Her novel, My Name is Vittoria, takes readers on a captivating journey between present and past.

Hayuta Katzenelson

Hayuta has dedicated her life to making the world a better place, through her profession as a conflict mediator and police volunteer work. She has written several bestselling novels, including The Jewish Spy.

Krystyna Carmi

A prolific author and poet, Krystyna’s historical novel, The Strange Ways of Providence in My Life, reveals the true story of her struggle to survive World War II as a young Jewish girl in Poland. Her poems and stories have been widely published and her novel received worldwide acclaim.

Relli Robinson

Relli is an accomplished academic administrator and esteemed writer. She delivers lectures and seminars, mostly focused on her historical fiction novel, Raking Light from the Ashes.

Yaakov Barzilai

With his unique voice and innovative style, Yaakov’s writings manage to imbue wonder, whimsy, and even humor into stories of otherwise grim and heartbreaking nature. His novel, The Neighbor from Bergen Belsen, takes readers on a powerful adventure into the mind of a wartime child.

Doron Darmon

Author of the chart-topping The Parisian Dancer, Doron Darmon uses his knowledge of his own family’s history in war-torn France to weave a gripping tale of danger, suspense, and unconditional love.

Susan Shalev

For much of her professional life, Susan worked as a writer and editor for prestigious academic institutions and nonprofit organizations, including the Weizmann Institute of Science.

She now channels her two passions – research and writing – into fiction. The German Dressmaker is her debut novel.

Arie Tamir

Holocaust survivor Arie Tamir tells the heart-wrenching story of his own escape and survival in his captivating novel, I Only Wanted to Live. His story is told with feeling, emotion, and a great deal of skill.

Ruth Uzrad

Ruth (Schutz) Uzrad was born in Berlin in 1925, the eldest of three daughters, to a religious Jewish family. During WWII she escaped to Belgium and continued her flight to the south of France, where she spent her teenage years before finally arriving in Israel in 1945

Arie Blumenfeld

Arie Blumenfeld is a second-generation Holocaust survivor. His father, Samuel Blumenfeld, was only 13 when World War II broke out. He survived several labor and concentration camps, including Auschwitz-Birkenau, Jawiszowice, and Buchenwald. Their continuous father-son dialogue is immortalized in their book The Survivor from Block 19.

Moshe Bomberg

Moshe Bomberg was born in 1920 in Warsaw. WWII brought him to the Warsaw Ghetto, the Osrowitz camp and the Auschwitz concentration camp where he understood that he was the only one survivor of his entire family. In 1949 he came to Israel. He worked as a wrestling coach and a referee and took part in the Munich Olympics, where 11 of the Israeli team members were murdered.

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