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Surviving The Forest

Five shots on Saturday morning change their fate forever…

Poland, 1939. Shurka is a happy young woman who lives a fairy tale life with her beloved husband and their two young children, in a pretty house in a village in Poland.

She believes that nothing can hurt them. Or so she thinks…

Then, World War II breaks out and the happy family quickly understands that their happiness has come to a brutal end. The family is forced to flee their house and find shelter in a neighboring ghetto, where they come to realized that the Gestapo is taking Jews away on trucks every night, never to be seen again.

The family makes a brave and difficult choice to flee to the dark forest. There, surrounded by animals, they know that this is their only chance of escaping the real beasts. They have no idea what will await them, but they know that doing nothing is not an option if they wish to survive.

My Daughter’s Keeper

Would you entrust the most important thing in your life to a person ordered to hate you?

Poland, 1938. Despite threats of alienation from his Christian family, Johann, a decorated army officer, falls deeply in love with Rachel, a Jewish medical student. When they settle into their new countryside home, their marriage is happy and blissful… and short-lived.

After the Nazi invasion of Poland, Johann goes missing. Without a family to rely on and antisemitic sentiments growing all over the country, Rachel and her newborn daughter Ilona are thrown into the Warsaw ghetto.
Faced with their new reality, Rachel knows the only way to save her daughter is to smuggle her to her Christian sister-in-law, Irena, outside the ghetto. Irena is willing to risk her life just to save a single Jewish baby – but will her courage be enough?

A Sister’s Vow

There is nothing stronger than a promise between sisters. Not even a war.

Lyon, 1941. As Nazi forces march steadily through France and Jewish families seek refuge from persecution, seventeen-year-old Juta wakes one morning to find her sister, Sara, gone. And when Juta discovers that Sara has been wrongfully accused of espionage and arrested by German soldiers, she traces it all back to one man. A cruel, obsessive man who believes himself scorned by her family and who will stop at nothing to see them suffer. Arno.

Despite Juta’s desperate bid to free her sister, she finds she is too late. Sara has been subjected to a horrific interrogation from which she will never recover.

With the urge for revenge burning in her veins, Juta leaves behind everything she knows and vows to bring her sister’s tormentor to justice. Joining the French resistance, she rises in the ranks, biding her time, waiting for a chance to face Arno once more.

Juta will endure anything to keep the vow she made to her sister. Even if it means giving up her own freedom. Even if it means forfeiting her life.

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