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Tali Carmi – Rights Manager

Tali searches far and wide to pursue the best foreign rights deals for ReadMore’s authors. A bestselling children’s book author herself, with her books translated into multiple languages, there’s no one better to represent our authors. Tali holds degrees in biotechnology and food science and loves spending time with her five beautiful grandchildren.

Nave Carmi – Managing Director

Nave studied economics and business management and held a boring office job before discovering he’d much rather work with books. A marketing whiz and quick, analytic thinker, he is constantly dreaming up new ideas and ventures to explore. An avid reader of high-end self-help, Nave is an audiobook pioneer.

Dani Zrihen – Editorial Director

As a kid, Dani used to read books under the covers with a flashlight after bedtime. Today, she scouts and reviews promising manuscripts, always on the lookout for the next compelling story. She enjoys historical fiction that makes her cry, romantic comedies that make her laugh, and well-written, beautifully illustrated children’s books (yes, even though she’s an adult).

Dar Abramov – Art Director

When Dar isn’t hard at work helping books come to life, you’re most likely to find her walking her two dogs, biking to work, playing a computer game, or buying yet another plant for her already overflowing apartment. She draws, crafts, and cosplays, and her favorite books to read are fantasy and graphic novels.

Amir Philos – Creative Director

Amir has a way with words and a knack for delivering quick-witted puns. A coffee connoisseur, board game enthusiast, and veritable bookworm, he uses his experience as a copywriter and content specialist to come up with punchy titles and alluring blurbs for anything from science fiction to romance, and self-help to cozy crime.

Natalia Motkina – PPC Team Leader

Natalia studied literature and linguistics and went on to translate her love of reading into a passion for data-driven book marketing. When she isn’t single-handedly running successful campaigns for countless books at a time, she likes to read literary fiction while curled up on the couch with her two adorable cats, Jimbo and Turbo.

May Edri – Data Analyst

May studied psychology and business management and uses her analytical skills to run and manage multiple advertising campaigns on AMS and Facebook. Her innovative thinking and creativity take books to new levels of exposure, and she does it all with a smile that never leaves her face.

Corin Hadar – Data Analyst

With a background in educational counseling and psychology, Corin’s combined love of numbers, books, and people naturally led her to the literary industry. She’s always up to date on the latest bestsellers and never misses an inspiring self-development book. Her greatest joy is seeing Amazon’s little orange bestseller tag on a book she believes in – and her two beautiful daughters, of course.

Oren Klass – Translation & Editing Manager

Oren’s background in communications and journalism, his keen eye for detail, and his love of the written word make him an invaluable part of ReadMore. No spelling mistake or mispunctuation escape his eye, and his hobbies include reading history books and finding and laughing at typos.

Stef Novitzky – Account Manager

Stef has a special knack for making order out of chaos. Responsible for all of ReadMore’s accounts, she oversees that everything is always running smoothly. When she isn’t in the office, you can find her nose buried in the latest thriller, or playing with her super sweet King Charles, Echo. 

Rimon Carmi – Audio Director

A talented stage and voice actress herself, Rimon meticulously oversees the production of all of ReadMore Press' audiobooks. Rimon has a soft spot for stray animals and has rescued countless dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, rabbits, rats, birds, and once she even took home a stray bat. 

Maria Sokhatski – Designer and Illustrator

Maria’s love of art and literature goes way back to when she was young. A talented designer, she has a keen eye for beauty and aesthetics and speaks a whopping four languages. She mainly reads non-fiction books that make her think, and on occasion enjoys “depressing Russian literature” (her words).

Aya Noah – Designer

A talented illustrator and designer with experience in the book and magazine industry, mom-of-three Aya is a creative spirit. She’s a music enthusiast and can tell you every single thing you ever wanted to know about Britpop and seventies-eighties-nineties music, and her Spotify is filled with promising new indie talents.

Sharona Pevsner – Accounting

ReadMore could get absolutely nothing done without Sharona’s meticulous attention to detail. She manages all of the company’s finances and oversees authors’ royalty payments (the most important part of her job, obviously), all while balancing work with motherhood.

Naama Shoham – Social Media Manager

Naama's catchy captions and creative reels make her a social media whiz and help bring ReadMore Press to the forefront of the literary world. When she isn't scrolling, liking, and sharing, this young mom is most likely to be found sipping coffee or wine.

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