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At ReadMore, we simply love books.

That’s why we do everything we can to discover emerging literary voices and help them bring their stories to light.

We know books and we know digital publishing. Our engaging, eye-catching, commercial cover design, spot-on branding, and unparalleled marketing know-how turn good books into bestsellers.

Because we truly believe in our authors, we are an entirely collaborative operation – our authors are our partners and we work together every single step of the way to success.

We are always open for submissions and actively seek out unique, diverse voices that deserve to be heard.


Reasons to give us the pleasure of publishing your manuscript.

Submit your book or books to our editorial team for review today.

Get to know the people working behind the scenes to bring books to life at ReadMore.

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"Publishing with you was a dream come true. Under your devoted care, my books have risen to heights I never could have expected. With true professionalism, dedication, and loyalty, I honestly feel that my successes were equally celebrated by ReadMore."

- Adiva Geffen, worldwide bestselling author of Surviving the Forest and My Daughter’s Keeper

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